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that's right where i've been experiencing pain. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh yeah. it's really shaping to my body. when you find somebody's perfect level of comfort, that may be the first time they've ever felt a bed that feels exactly like they're hoping it would. you can adjust it however you want so you don't have to worry about buying the wrong mattress. once they get our bed, they're like, "why didn't i do this sooner?" and now the revolutionary sleep number bed is redefining sleep again. find your sleep number and join over 7 million people who love their bed. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. hello, i'm j.c. hayward, thank you for joining us. we are currently under a heat alert. the weather is especially dangerous for people with health problems and of course the elderly. and we could reach record- breaking temperatures today. howard of course has been keeping an eye on his maps.
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he has more information. j. c., just in the past hour the heat advisory was issued and it goes until 9:00 tonight. talking about a heat index 105 to 110, maybe even a little bit higher than this. now last week remember how hot it was on friday? we had excessive heat warning and while it's really hot and humid, it's not as bad as it was week ago and we had a little bit of time to get used to the higher temperatures but still take it easy outside. one thing that's causing all the heat, high pressure from the midwest and the ohio valley is building toward us. big storms in the great lakes and new york to the north might, might get toward areas near the mason dixon line later. this 99 that ties the record at reagan national set back in 1993. richmond is already 100. these are noontime temperatures. we've got another four, five, six hours the bake in the sun. that's why we're going up to the 100s. in fact i raised my 100 from
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yesterday to 102. we get to 104, 105 today wouldn't be out of the question and right now the heat index is already 105. 107 fredericksburg, tappahannock and easton. in hagerstown, only feels like 98 but everybody is dealing with this. the good news is the front is coming through tonight and knock temperatures down oh five, 10 degrees for the weekend but today at 3:00, around 102. maybe 103 or 104. 6:00 p.m. we're still going to be around 100 degrees and a very hot afternoon and by 9:00, low 90s. i'll come back and we'll talk about the rest of the weekend and the tropics -- boy, there's a lot going on there too, see you soon. metro still says no to drinking water. even on days like this. the transit system has reinstated its drinking ban despite a short reprieve during last week's heat wave. metro is not cutting any slack. it says if you let people drink
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water then the trains and buses will not be clean. so metro says you can carry bottled water, but no drinking, eating or smoking on trains, pluses or platforms -- buses or platforms. >> it's a little ridiculous, it's hot and people need to keep hydrated. >> i think it's in the best interest of the metro to keep it clean and there's plenty of places to get something to drink or have a cap on something you put in your purse and have it later. >> i want to keep passengers healthy and alive and there are old people riding these metros that need to stay hydrated. there are people with asthma. >> if you disobey, metro transit police will give you a warning and also maybe a fine. we're following breaking news now from hanover, maryland, a construction worker was killed when a huge wall collapsed. a second person was injured. their condition is not known. the wall fell a short while ago
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at arun dell mills mall where the new casino is being built. a major setback in lawmakers' efforts to get a debt ceiling bill passed by next tuesday's deadline. a republican plan never happened. after it claim clear there were not -- became clear there were not enough votes. jay dude reports. >> reporter: president obama is telling congress in no uncertain terms get a deal done now. >> the time for putting party first is over. the time for compromise is now. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner will try again today to rally fellow republicans after failing to get enough votes for his debt limit and deficit reduction plan thursday night. republicans and democrats are showing their frustration. >> at the end of the day, i think the american people know washington, d.c. is not only broke, it's broken. >> the american people didn't want us to burn down the house in an argument over the height of the ceiling.
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>> reporter: today, the senate majority leader called on the senate republican leader to join him in a compromise. >> there'll be no time left to vote in another bill or consider another option in the senate. this is the last best chance to preserve the character and credit of the nation. >> reporter: there's once again talk of raising the debt ceiling without a budget deal. but several lawmakers are standing firm insisting one won't happen without the other. >> i deeply regret the fact we're not going to get something comprehensive in the next four days. that's where we should be. but i don't think we should have a temporary lift in the debt ceiling because washington has shown no capability of actually dealing with these problems. >> reporter: the government will run out of money to pay all its bills on tuesday so lawmakers will be at work until they agree on a way to prevent that from happening. jay dow, cbs news, washington. >> they are planning a vote for late today. well, the impact of the federal default on our region
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could be enormous. that's because federal workers may not get paid if a deal is not reached on capitol hill. the greater washington board of trade is warning that a default could cost local businesses a fortune. federal workers, progressives, and union leaders rallied yesterday. they complained that they feel they are pawns in a political battle. >> people live paycheck to paycheck. this is really serious stuff. and we're living with tremendous uncertainty now. what will happen after august 2nd? >> it's not just paychecks that could be affected. funding for the national zoo and museums around our region could also eventually be affected. while you were at work today, get the latest on the debt ceiling debate by just going to our website. we'll also be on top of the story all weekend. fairfax county police are look for a man that they say kidnapped a family, robbed them, and then left them in a remote area.
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it started last night and the san moritz circle apartment complex. the man herded the family into their car and drove them to an atm machine and he forced the father to withdraw money. authority says the suspect then -- authorities say the suspect then abandoned the family in a remote area near innovation drive. they were not injured. police have made an arrest in connection with the murder of a prince george's county woman. 50-year-old donald dixon has been charged. authorities say he shared the apartment in the 4600 block of dallas place in temple hills with the victim. she has been identified a 63- year-old dicky lee griffin. neighbors found her body on the balcony and called police. authorities are not saying how she was murdered. well, a victim of a serial
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slasher wants to caution women -- do not shop alone. she says she was cut in february as she left the fair oaks mall. she says she was visibly pregnant at that time. the woman didn't realize she had been slashed until she saw blood on her hands. the attack left a 3-inch gash on her rear end. >> i don't want him to do this to any more girls, traumatic really. i think it's horrible and i'm just glad that it's bigger now so that he will get caught. >> there have been at least five attacks ranging from chantilly to tyson's corner. the latest attack happened monday. police say that the attacker has worn a large white watch on his left arm. if you recognize this suspect, please call police. coming up on 9news now at noon, you can call it a history class on wheels.
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we'll show you the traveling civil war exhibit that is making its way through virginia. hearts are heavy in norway as families of the 76 people killed in a massacre two weeks ago are finally laid to rest. we'll be back.
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authorities have managed to foil another terror attack on fort hood. thanks to a tip from a gun store clerk. police tracked down and arrested army private naser abdo near the texas base yesterday. the 21-year-old had a large stash of ammunition and weapons in a hotel room and he admitted that he wanted to attack soldiers. fort hood is the same post where 13 people died in a mass shooting less than two years ago. norway's security service is expected to release a new report today on the terror threat in their country after last week's attack. today, families in oslo held their first memorial service for victims. tina krause reports. >> reporter: mourners raised red roses to honor 76 people killed in norway's terror attacks. families are holding the first funerals since last friday's massacre. he says we are united in our
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sorrow. one week ago our island became the source of fear, pain and death. adrian was shot twice in the shoulder but survived after pretending to be dead. he wants to go back to the island as soon as he can. >> i want to make peace with the island again. and let go of what happened. >> reporter: police say confessed killer anders breivik was strikingly calm when they interrogated him for a second time friday. psychiatrists are still deciding if he is fit to stand trial. authorities say breivik posed as a policeman and calmly shot and killed 68 people at a summer camp. mostly teenagers. one of them was a friend of this woman. >> i think it will continue to be very hard for all of us. >> reporter: police have now identified all of the dead and they're beginning to release photos of the victims. many more funerals will be held in the coming days.
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waterside memorials are growing. as norwegians mourn the worst attacks on the nation since world war ii. tina krause, cbs news. >> prosecutors say if breivik is put on trial it will not happen until next year and officials may press for more than murder charges including crimes against humanity and terrorism. coming up next, howard and the hot forecast. out here right now on the 99-degree heat in northwest washington. look at these temperatures by the way. the 99 does tie the record set in '93 and at dulles,, sterling, 98, that's a new record and we still have the afternoon to get through. bwi three short, 91 in baden. we'll be back talking heat, the tropics and your weekend forecast when 9news now at noon returns. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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the pentagon has identified the remains of 12 world war ii servicemen. military officials say that the men died in a plane crash in new guinea on october 27th. 1943. one is staff sergeant claude tyler of landover, maryland. the replains will be buried on monday at arlington -- remains will be buried on monday atageton national cemetery. officers recognized ensign jesse brown yesterday as the
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first known african-american naval fighter pilot. brown was killed in action when his plane went down on enemy fire in the korean war. a documentary on brown aired last night at the naval heritage center in northwest washington. and some of brown's relatives attended. this is part of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the korean war. a traveling exhibit on the civil war is making its way through virginia. it is called "the history mobile." right now it's in amherst county. the 53-foot long trailer is filled with interactive scenes about life on the battlefield. organizers call it an immersive experience. >> we're hoping people will take away from it just an education about the civil war. just some things they may not have known. it gives people the opportunity to come in and learn about all sides the civil war. -- sides of the civil war. >> the history mobile made a stop at last week's reenactment
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of the first battle of bull run. next weekend it will be along the george washington parkway in mcclain and then on august 9th. through august 4th, it will be at the arlington county fair. and then it will be back in our region in late september at the warrenton fauquier heritage day in warrenton. a new museum here in the nation's capital is aiming to show people the long history of islam and muslims in america. the first exhibit at the america's islamic heritage museum opened yesterday. among other things it features artifacts and legal documents of early muslim life here in the united states. it tells the story of muslim royalty and evidence that islam was practiced by native americans as well as european settlers. howard is here with details on the forecast. >> it's hot. it's really hot. >> yeah.
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>> you but know tomorrow though, legg mason's got family day going on. it won't be nearly as hot and take the kids out there. lots of fun activitied with the four pack consider activities for like the -- activities with like the four pack for $20. record heat, already in record territory at noon and the rest of the afternoon is going to be blazing hot although not as humid as last week. that's going to keep it just a little bit less humid and just a little bit more bearable in spite of the fact 102 at 2:00, 102 by 5:00. by 7:00 in the upper 90s perhaps and the lower 90s by 9:00. we are really going to be cooking this afternoon thanks to the bright sunshine we're seeing. storms to the north if they can hold together coming out of ohio they may clip parts of western maryland and west virginia and northern maryland here this evening, otherwise, high and dry. the records that we were shooting for, 99 at national. we're there now. 97 at dulles. baltimore 99. we sit at 96 and martinsburg 103.
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that one is going to hold but look at the temperatures already 99 in manassas and d. c.. fredericksburg is 97. winchester and martinsburg 97. oakland the fair et county, 81 -- in garrett county, 81. the mountains have their hangs this time of -- advantages this time of year. 109 for tappahannock airport and paw tuxen river. heat index of 107. ed 9 degrees -- 99-degrees and sunny skies. we dried out a little bit on the heels of the west worth northwesterly winds. the relative humidity only 38%. the bigger picture, storms up here, going to try to make it toward us later this afternoon. we'll put the futurecast in motion and you can see them dipping down to northern maryland by 8:45 and then fall apart farther to the south. tomorrow after a front pushes through, the better chance of showers is south and west of
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washington. north of town you're going stay dry and even sunday morning south of d. c. but coming up 95 creeping to quantico and waldorf. some showers here during the day on sunday. especially the morning during the afternoon. let's go to the atlantic now where we've got a strong tropical wave. this thing could become emily in a few days and maybe head to the northern islands and the gulf of mexico don, that is a tropical storm which is bearing down on south texas. it looks impressive but the center is actually north of most of the really dope storms. so -- deep storms. so it's not the greatest organized storm. still winds 50, dusting to 65. moving west northwest at 13 miles an hour and by 8:00 tonight, may strengthen to a 60- mile an hour tropical storm. that's a pretty good tropical stormily it be come on shore -- storm but it will come on shore around midnight and 1:00 a.m. then weaken tomorrow and several inches of much-needed rain coming to south texas. but not enough really to break the drought, but any rain will
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help. for us today we're looking at 104. record highs 95 tomorrow. chance of a storm mainly south and sunday morning chance of a storm mainly south. hot, 93 degrees. at the beach this weekend, that look pretty good too with water temperatures in the upper 70s slight chance of a storm on sunday, 87 and monday if you're sticking around for a long weekend, that looks good too with a temperature of 87 degrees. 97 on monday, tuesday. 93 and then look at wednesday and thursday. still way too hot. upper 90s but scattered by the then -- a better chance of scattered mainly afternoon storms. we've got more of 9news now at noon coming up after the break.
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you know i have to tell you about the recent scandals that
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have occurred in the country. and of course congressman woo is the recent high-profile man involved. but i want you to meet my special guest marita corcoran, she's written a book, it's called "house interrupted." this is an incredible book. and she knows firsthand about this. and the question that she answers in this book is how does the woman move on with her life? you have firsthand experience don't you? unfortunately. >> yes, i do. 14 years into my marriage i found out that my husband was a sex addict. that he was leading a completely double life behind my back. >> what did you do? how did it devastate you? >> the initial disclosure was made over the phone while he was in rehab and i had no idea he had been doing this kind of behavior. this was 14 years ago when this first happened and so there was not the talk about sexual addiction as there is today.
12:27 pm
so that's a good thing. but when this first happened, it was devastating. everything -- when i found out about it. everything around me died. my whole world ceased to exist. >> of course and what do you tell women to do? how to get through this in this book? >> through my experiences it's written around my journal entries and a woman can follow along with me as i go through coming to terms with what has happened and then trying to rebuild my life of self- respect, of self-worth and living a good life. >> and you can move through it as painful as it is. you can get to the other side. this is so timely and it's interesting that your book is coming out now. it's called "is house, interrupted -- a house, interrupted" and you're going to have a book signing tonight at 7:00 at barnes & noble at tyson's corner and you can meet her and ask her even more questions about this book. but it is so timely. you didn't know it was going to
12:28 pm
be right at the right time for women to read and men to read too. >> absolutely. >> i think it's for both. thank you for coming. barnes & noble tonight at 7:00 in tyson's corner. marits is going to be there. the author. thank you and best of luck to you. come back and visit us at 5:00. thanks for being with us. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] what is that? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive.
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